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An iconic medication that changed life Viagra acquired many myths as any popular thing. Some people consider Viagra a wonder drug ascribe additional properties to it. In case, you need to take Viagra treatment you should find out more about you and get rid of all the misunderstandings. It is better not to know, to follow the truth, unrealistic goals and get the right treatment.

Many people while think that Viagra is an aphrodisiac. To unveil this myth you should know how Viagra functions. Do not treat Viagra as a super medication. It has advantages and disadvantages. Person, can have side effects. A Person should also think about Viagra contraindications. If the person has problems with libido will not help Viagra. It helps to improve blood circulation and this has nothing to do with the libido. It does not increase sexual desire.

Some men are puzzled after intake of Viagra. The wait for erection but the erection will not occur after intake of medication. Man needs sexual stimulation, and this should happen traditionally. The couple should generate the efforts to get the result and arrange the foreplay. Viagra is a companion that fixes the problem. The rest is your responsibility. In addition, you should know that the erection follow immediately. It will take some time to absorb the medication.

Viagra can solve all the problems. Viagra can be a good remedy for fight with erectile dysfunction but ED reveals some inner problem in the body of the patient. There are some hidden cardiovascular disease, for example. Therefore person should pay attention to other symptoms also. He should be treating the cause and not rely on Viagra alone. It can have different causes: injuries, physical damage or psychological cause. The treatment is different in each case. Only doctor decides how the underlying disease is treated. It is important to you. Nothing pulls ED again if you find the solution for this problem.

Person who is not in a love machine after taking medicines. Everything remains the same. Some men think that erection arrives immediately and they can make sex for hours with a partner without stopping. This is not so in reality. In addition, this is not something to achieve that you should try. It is painful to have an erection for so long. This is a disease of the so-called priapism.

It is a myth that Viagra is in a way. Viagra is not compromised, a natural process of ejaculation. You can't orgasm or ejaculation, stop.

Some women tried to assert that their husbands cheat because of Viagra. There was even a court hearing, while a woman claimed that Viagra was to blame. However, Viagra affects only the blood vessels and is not able to make men take such decisions. This is just a way for the elect to achieve the erection and the man with whom he had intimacy wants to share. Only the man is responsible for this decision. Substances of medicines no influence on this decision. If he's not cheating on his wife this, because a blue pill.

There is dangerous misconception that Viagra can protect against STD. Men stop talking about protection methods and condoms that can end badly. HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy problems are still matters of your concern. You should still think, to avoid over-protection methods, the undesirable consequences.

Blue vision can appear because of the blue pill. This myth is partially true. The matter is that Viagra blocks PDE5 enzymes and affects PDE6 as well that are used through the skin of the network. Therefore, the person's perception differs – he perceives blue and green colors in a different way. However, this does not last long when it happens. Usually it points to overdosage.

Larger dosage prolongs the action of Viagra. This is a myth! The dosage is prescribed by the physician and should not be changed. If you take it more than needed then you risk getting an overdose. To work Viagra for 4 hours. Viagra pills in 25, 50, 100 mg and select the appropriate dosage for the best result. The strength of the drug does not influence the timeframe when it works.

To take some patients afraid Viagra, not because they are afraid of addiction. You think that you are addicted to Viagra and will depend on it in the future. Person should understand how Viagra works, the full understanding of the topic. Viagra helps to accomplish vasodilation. This reaction follows after the person is one pill takes to help the blood circulation. It affects blood vessels by relaxing the blood. Sildenafil contained in Viagra prevents enzymes that cause contraction of the blood vessels. Therefore they remain relaxed for a certain period of time. It continues for 4 hours. During this period, man has no problems with erection. To achieve, he can easily get the erection and hold it without any problems.